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Blaise Zabini
Life, or something like it
It's been a long time.
1 owl or owl me
I will surviveCollapse )

My life is finally my own and I plan on living it on my own terms.

Current Mood: determined determined

My life is finally my own now?Collapse )

I can use it to my advantage...*eyes drift over the shattered window enchantment*…for now.

Current Mood: indescribable indescribable

*keeps a smile plastered on his face until Lewis leaves his office*
I haven't worked this much in...everCollapse )

Current Mood: irritated irritated

owl me
It's been less than a week and things are already looking upCollapse )

*eyes his watch, rising to leave as he sees the time* Much.

Current Mood: productive productive

Browsing through the Sunday ProphetCollapse )

*lifts his wand and mutters a series of counter charms to reveal a growing list of names* *smiles to himself* No, hardly the type of change we want...at all.

Current Mood: determined determined

Ding dong the moron's gone!Collapse )

Yes, quite nicely.

Current Mood: pleased pleased

*grabs his cloak on the way out of his office, whistling as he does so*

Thank Gods it's Friday. Best day of the week, except for maybe Saturday. Sunday's just too close to Monday to really be considered, though it does have it's merits...

*smiles to himself as he reaches the end of the corridor and sees a very shocked Montgomery surrounded by his supervisor and the head of the department*

*smile turns into a smirk as he heads for the elevators* Bye-bye, Montgomery. No more Friday's for you.

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

owl me
What a lovely dayCollapse )

Current Mood: happy happy

AnnoyedCollapse )

*turns back to the window enchantment* I refuse to believe it.

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed